Vision of Binamics

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The complete service

Binamics offers and guarantees good management information, covering all elements of the process from the data warehouse, data cubes to dashboard reports and a helpdesk and project management.

Binamics  work in partnership with its clients, ensuring a good integration of technology, functionality and business process.

Development in iterations

Too often things go wrong when the initial ambition is too high. The costs then skyrocket, the results lag behind and the commitment of the organization ebbs away. It is an illusion to think that all desired insights arise directly in 1 project. Too often this has led to disappointment

We think this can be done better and have already proven that. Binamics is characterized by a dynamic approach. In a short time there is a basis through which your expectations are fleshed out in a concrete product. In the period after that, the model is constantly being improved in iterations.


Binamics has developed a concept with which you are assured of the desired management report in the long term.

Business Intelligence does not stop after the first data warehouse has been implemented. In the period after that, the model will be continuously improved in close cooperation between your organization and Binamics.

Business Intelligence is a process of continuous improvement and is inextricably linked to the work of you and your people. That is precisely why we offer a subscription that is in line with the step-by-step structure of your management reporting.

We distinguish 3 target groups:

  • management steers at a strategic level through the dashboard
  • your business analyst has the tools to perform adequate detailed analysis
  • management and the appropriate departments / teams has access to the necessary reports.

Working together to spec your needs

We sit down with you to help spec out your requirements and to understand the key metrics you need.  Then we start from the data that is available at this moment and this would enable us to fill in most of the  requirements of the customer. These requirements may change, but all data is available to fulfill those changing requirements.

Reliable basis

Binamics provides a stable basis in which the data from the various systems are integrated into 1 portal for management information. When the  data is current, complete and consistent, the organization can be sure that everyone is working with the same figures.