Subscription of Binamics

dienstverleningBinamics has developed a concept that guarantees you on-going service in the long term. Business Intelligence does not stop after the first data warehouse has been implemented. Business Intelligence is a process of continuous improvement and is inextricably linked to the work of you and your people. That is precisely why we offer this subscription that best guarantees that continuity.

Binamics can help your organization and guarantees continuity in service at a very attractive price.

Binamics offers you a unique subscription form where you:

  • do not have sky-high project costs at the start
  • you are assured of support through a fixed amount per month, but also of further development of your system
  • benefits from the development at Binamics
  • receives support in the workplace but also at management level
  • in addition to technical support, guidance is also provided during use in the organization
  • you can stop the service at any time if there is reason to do so

After a short time there is a basis that makes your expectations clear in a concrete product. In the following period, the model will be continuously improved in close cooperation between your organization and Binamics. With the subscription model, Binamics also takes care of the daily processing of transactions and takes action in case of problems or inconsistencies in the data. The helpdesk is also available for your organization and project management is arranged for new implementations. In short: a total package that takes care of everything for you and there is time available for the analysis of the figures.

Interested? Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

And what about your customers?

Do you also want to provide them with relevant management information? No problem. The subscription provides support on the condition that your infrastructure allows access via an extranet.