Binamics’ core activity is business intelligence. Business Intelligence is more than a reporting tool or an information gathering process. Business Intelligence is the certainty of a reliable, integral and up-to-date picture of the entire business process. This enables you to make the right decisions for your company.

The various activities of Binamics contribute to this.

When setting up a data warehouse, the data supplied is thoroughly checked for all kinds of aspects. Where necessary, data is set aside and further action is required.  

Then the data stored in a structure that lends itself ideally to good management information. This structure differs from the way others systems are organized and also gives you flexibility to answer any questions.. Performance is also guaranteed, even with large data sets.

With the resulting management information, you can spend your time more efficiently analyzing the figures instead of collating the figures. Several tools are available for the analysis of the figures. Binamics  can provide guidance and demo’s to help you make the right choice.

Our reports can be viewed online or periodically sent automatically. Target groups are the head office, the branch manager, the customer or suppliers.

With our benchmarking service, you have the ability to compare your performance  and you can use the results for improving your assortment or your sales locations, for example.

With a Quick Scan your situation is mapped out, as well as the wishes of your organization. The result is a clear assessment of your Business Intelligence situation. An action plan is also delivered for improvements with associated pricing.

Binamics has a fast and efficient way to map your systems in their data analysis. Then the design is made in which your data is enriched with all kinds of derived data such as cumulative figures and comparison last year, average customer spend, customer loyalty, KPI measures etc.

Binamics can also help you with SQL Server optimization. This activity has many interfaces with Business Intelligence, where optimization of large amounts of data is a precondition.