About GFK retail and Technology Benelux B.V.:
GFK Retail and Technology is part of the international – and listed – GfK Group. The division is a specialist in mapping and monitoring trends, product and market developments, based on actual sales from retail to consumers.

Services Binamics:
Binamics is a technology partner of GfK Retail and Technology in the implementation of the Travel Scan in the Netherlands. Based on the actual bookings sold to the consumer by the travel agency and the direct selling tour operator, information is provided that represents the current state of affairs in the Dutch market. Travel organizations can use the figures to see how they are performing in relation to the market.

Commercieel directeur Laurens van den Oever:
“Binamics has proven to be a very expert, solid and flexible party in the realization and use of the Travel Scan”

About FCm Travel Solutions:
FCm Travel Solutions provides business trips and offers creative custom solutions. The parent company is based in Australia with offices in many countries worldwide. A personal and high-quality service is paramount. FCm Travel Solutions operates from a strong local character and the customer therefore receives specific solutions for the Dutch market

Services Binamics:
Binamics provides management information for FCm Travel Solutions and its business customers. This way everyone has daily insight into the journeys flown and still to be flown. The information is available both in outline and in detail.

Commercieel directeur FCm mevr A. Koedijk:
“Binamics is for FCm Travel Solutions an extremely reliable, flexible, solution-oriented and expert partner in the field of data consolidation with which FCm can provide its customers with advanced management information on a daily basis. Binamics thinks along functionally (process-based) and commercially and knows how to find a professional balance between modern technology and customer needs. Last but not least: they do what they promise within the agreed term … and faster. In addition, Binamics is a good partner for FCm on an interim basis for IT matters that require specific expertise and decisiveness. “

About Airtrade:

Airtrade Holding is one of the five largest travel companies in the Netherlands. It is a dynamic and fast-growing organization in the travel world with approximately 530 employees (March 2009). Together they realize a turnover of approx. 330 million euros per year. Vliegwinkel,, and MaduroTravel are direct consumer brands. In addition, Airtrade serves the B2B channel with sales to a large part of the Dutch travel agents.

Services Binamics:
Binamics integrates data from various systems such as turnover, personnel, financial, telephony and e-mail into 1 integral management information system. This means the organization knows how things are going from day to day. A number of concrete benefits:

  • With the management information system, the call center continuously evaluates the effectiveness of the employee, but also the intensity of communication between the customer and the call center.
  • Business customers are automatically periodically provided with the desired reports
  • By means of the cubes offered, various employees of the financial and commercial department analyze the figures every day and use the results to (re) direct the business.

About FNG:
FNG is a fast-growing listed (AMEX) fashion group that designs and distributes clothing and shoes for women, children and men through its own concept stores at top locations in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also through a network of multi-brand stores at home and abroad. FNG has more than 3000 employees who together realize a turnover of approximately EUR 500 million.

FNG brands include Miss Etam, Promiss, Claudia Sträter, Expresso Fashion and Steps.

Services Binamics:
Binamics processes sales, purchase and stock data of FNG brands into integrated management information with numerous control variables. This creates a good picture of the performance of the brands in the various sales channels and locations. The Binamics system is used by management and analysts at the head office as well as region and branch management at the sales locations.

Senior Business Intelligence analist Gert-Jan van Schie :
FNG Services has now been working with Binamics for 1.5 years to improve and expand our information provision. They have shown themselves as a flexible and pragmatic BI partner, in whom the actual use of the data is paramount.”

D-reizen logoAbout D-rt groep:
IIn May 2014 of this year, the travel organizations D-Reizen and VakantieXperts merged to form the D-rt Groep B.V., which thus became the online and offline market leader in the Netherlands. D-Reizen and VakantieXperts both offer a very broad and independent holiday offer, coupled with an independent price. The D-rt Groep B.V. is part of RT / Raiffeisen Touristik Group GmbH, the German travel company, which is not only active in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg with a total of approximately 7,500 travel agencies.

Services Binamics:
Binamics provides head office and affiliated stores with information on financial matters, turnover and commission. Thanks to connections with BAS from Fadiro and Exact, Binamics enriches the incoming data into useful management information for both the head office and the travel agencies and franchisees. Travel agents can better reflect the results of their colleagues. In addition, insight into customer bookings allows direct marketing to be used more specifically, for example

CEO dhr. W. van den Hoogen :
“When we bundled D-Reizen and VakantieXperts into the D-rt Group in May, our goal was greater effectiveness and an increase in synergy for both organizations. Our choice for Binamics is therefore a logical consequence. In the back office, our efficiency will be increased, management information will be deepened and management options will be further refined. ”

About Fair:
Fair Security is part of the Fair Group, which provides cleaning and company services in addition to security services (

Services Binamics:
Binamics will provide management reporting for Fair Security and its customers in the coming years

Directeur dhr. D.R. Juch:
“Fair Bewaking attaches great value to Binamics’ reports, precisely because Fair’s services are often provided at night, which means that it is difficult for customers to see the services. Thanks to increasingly better reporting, the customer gains more insight into the quality of the service. ”

About Life & Garden:
Life & Garden is the fastest growing garden center formula that stands for Enjoying life in and around the house for yourself and your loved ones. With clear assortment choices for decorating the house and garden, women have been chosen as the main target group. Core values of the formula are therefore: feminine, enthusiasm through inspiration, honesty and craftsmanship. Life & Garden offers a combination of its own lifestyle-oriented own brands and well-known A-brands with of course the beautiful and fair green of plants for indoor and outdoor use.

Services Binamics:
Binamics links the cash register information with data from the financial system. This not only gives the entrepreneur a good picture of the turnover, but also always has an up-to-date picture of the operating result. In addition to managing the own company, there is plenty of benchmark information available for the entrepreneur (how am I doing compared to my colleague?) And for the head office (how is the individual entrepreneur doing compared to the formula average?)

Algemeen directeur dhr. P Kleinbussink:
“Together with Binamics, a management information system has been developed, in which the cash register data is linked to the accounting, so that the affiliated entrepreneurs have perfect management information to manage or adjust their company.”

About VakantieXperts:
VakantieXperts is an independent travel agency chain with 145 travel agencies with national coverage. With more than 750 employees, the company is one of the largest private travel companies in the Netherlands and is still growing. VakantieXperts sells travel products from almost all Dutch travel organizations. Within the intensive collaboration between VakantieXperts and RTN, Binamics also provides management information for the approximately 100 Thomas Cook Travel shops.

Services Binamics:
Binamics processes the revenue data from the booking system into useful management information for both the head office and its own travel agencies and franchisees. For VakantieXperts and RTN, this provides quite a few advantages:

  • The travel agents can compare themselves to the results of their colleagues
  • The head office has continuous insight into results and trends and can therefore act adequately where necessary
  • Due to the insight into customer bookings, direct marketing can be used much more specifically. Any selection of customers can be made as a target group for a targeted action.

Binamics also provides financial management information based on the link with Exact Online. This makes it possible for VakantieXperts to have continuous insight into the financial results, for example per cost center (including all travel agencies). This means that timely adjustments can be made if necessary, compared to the budget.

Commercial manager VakantieXperts Gert Bakker :
“Their approach, personal involvement and professional insight make Binamics a very important partner for VakantieXperts. The disclosure of our management information, both financial and commercial, is well organized. “


About Tabaronde:
TabarondeTabaronde has 400 affiliated members who make modular use of core activities and services. Within these 400 entrepreneurs, there are many members who use the Techador and Vivant retail formulas.

Services Binamics:
Binamics will provide Business Intelligence for Tabaronde in the coming years. Binamics provides the reports for the affiliated entrepreneurs, and the supplying producers are also provided with information. In addition to reporting, Tabaronde will also be given every opportunity to analyze the figures and identify trends. Shopping basket analysis is part of that.

Algemeen directeur Tabaronde Martijn Stellaard :
“I would describe the collaboration with Binamics as qualitative and pleasant. The combination of a good product enriched with and the personal approach has always appealed to me. Over the years, we can always count on a stable performance and if there was a disruption, we can always count on adequate follow-up. I am enthusiastic about Binamics, the product and the people. A recommendation!”


About Nedfox:
NedFox is an automation partner for retail organizations and stores in various branches. NedFox originated from practice, the shop. They speak your language and know what information you need as a retailer. Retailing with IT from NedFox is retailing using the latest information technology.

Services Binamics:
Binamics has developed the management information module for the NedFox software systems. All data from the stores is aggregated into management information that can be viewed from numerous angles. It is an indispensable tool, both for the head office and the shops. The module is used by Nedfox customers.

About Terra Travel:
Terra Travel is the umbrella organization of several brands. Baobab and Summum are prominent names when it comes to offering and arranging long-haul travel. Sales take place via call center and website.

Services Binamics:
Binamics has made an analysis of the current management information system and indicated in an advisory process how both the process and the results can be improved. Binamics also provided interim management.

About Pyton Communication Services:
Pyton supplies the travel industry with online Multi-channel portals, which are used by tour operators and travel agents. Based on their vision of the travel industry, Pyton develops products and services at its own expense and risk. With the help of these products and services, customers receive innovative “tailor-made” solutions at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Services Binamics:
Binamics provides acceleration of SQL server databases by optimizing the sources of the customer. This does not involve complicated integration processes and the end result is the property of the customer.

Business engineer Robert Evers:
“Binamics has delivered a very advanced search method to Pyton. This new search method speeds up the Waverunner modules by a factor of 10. “