Innovation award for VCK Travel with new tool Analytics

Source : Travmagazine


Binamics facilitates Isropa Reizen with valuable management information

Binamics will provide services for Isropa Reizen in the field of business intelligence. Isropa Reizen used the difficult Coronavirus time to start up this process and to have a good analysis tool in hand when traveling is possible again.

Isropa Reizen and Binamics have entered into a partnership to make the data from GRIP (from 1TIS) available and to combine them into financial key figures in an analysis cube. In recent months Marcel Gritter, Finance Manager Isropa Reizen and Roland Huizer of Binamics have worked hard on the current result.

“It still takes a lot of time to manually combine all data into useful information in overviews. That will soon be over and therefore we will be able to focus much more on actually analyzing the figures. The frequency of information will also increase considerably and colleagues will be able to easier to request information themselves. During the cooperation with Binamics, it turned out that they are an accessible party that provides good management information in a pragmatic manner and with a lot of knowledge of the travel industry. Through the subscription they allow the functionalities to continuously grow with our wishes “, according to Marcel Gritter, Finance Manager Isropa Reizen.