Management information

management informatie

Many organizations are busy using Excel to combine all figures into readable management information. This can work, but there are risks and challenges: data and formulas can be overwritten, working with large numbers is not possible, it takes a lot of time to achieve results.

Moreover, it only produces static reports and ad hoc questions cannot be answered. If you want to arrange the management information from a different angle, a new, labour-intensive report is required each time. It is also not possible to zoom in on a specific part, which you would like to have more insight into.

Binamics ensures that this is a thing of the past. The data is processed automatically according to fixed patterns and with all necessary controls. The results are added daily to the history that has already been built up. This ensures that you have a reliable basis for reporting. Also read about our subscription.

You can now spend your time analyzing the numbers instead of collecting the numbers. Several tools are available for the analysis of the figures. Binamics  can provide guidance and demo’s to help you make the right choice.

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