Data analysis

Although it is ultimately all about the reports and charts, the design of a good management information system is the basis for success.

The data often comes from different systems and the data is not complete. It is also often difficult to relate data to each other, for example:

  • which ledger number from the financial system actually belongs to which product group from the turnover system?
  • are the personnel numbers the same in all systems?
  • is the same product codes used throughout the company?

Binamics has a fast and efficient way to map your systems. Then the design is made in which your data is enriched with all kinds of derived data such as cumulative figures and comparison last year, average customer spend, customer loyalty, KPI measures, etc.

Binamics does this work based on your  requirements with regard to management information. It is the basis that will give you the information that you can use to control the organization!

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