Better view on your figures? Binamics is your partner

Binamics is a specialist in the field of Business Intelligence, we provide reliable and up-to-date management information based on the data from client systems. There are no restrictions, we can link financial systems, but also purchasing, personnel, checkout and booking systems, logistics, etc.


You will no doubt already have management information and we are here to help optimize it’s usage and get away from the common challenges:

– it takes a long time to collect the information
– you only have static information, there is no flexibility
– ad hoc questions are difficult to answer
– linking data from multiple systems is difficult
– dashboards are missing

Binamics has developed a subscription with which clients are constantly assured of customized management information. The information grows with the requirements of the organization. With us our clients do not have high investments at the start, but a fixed subscription rate per month.

Binamics has detailed experience in the Retail and Travel industry, see our references. We are a practical company that produces results quickly. We are happy to do that for you too!

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Your data warehouse in safe hands