benchmarkingManagement information is important, but where do you actually compare outcomes? Of course with last year or the current period with the cumulative figures.

But how does one branch actually fare against the others? Why does that product group perform much better with one, while another product group scores worse there?

Often the figures per branch are known and the branches can also be compared at a total level, but that is where it ends. And that’s where Binamics starts!

After all, for good benchmarking it is also important to zoom in to actually take action. Insights that arise are for example:

  • location A has much better customer loyalty than location B
  • productivity per employee differs considerably between branches
  • comparison of the folder turnover at article level between the franchisees
  • location a buys a much larger range outside the standard range than the average
  • various branches do not purchase in accordance with the contract agreements of the head office

Interpretation and communication with the branches starts with these insights. There can be all kinds of reasons, but one thing is certain: only with these insights through benchmarking will you know the differences between your branches.

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