There are quite a few providers of Business Intelligence solutions and these can vary considerably in price.

Binamics are experts in Microsoft products for SQL server and the accompanying cube technology, enabling a cost efficient way to deliver on your requirements.. The use of Microsoft products applies in particular to the construction of the data warehouse and associated cubes as a stable basis for management information. From there, all kinds of other tools are connected for reporting.

Microsoft has created an ETL platform through SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) with which an efficient link can be made between your operational systems and the data warehouse.

The cubes are then defined on top of the data warehouse using SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services). This allows specialized users to make analyzes by means of data mining.

Reporting is done through SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) and Power BI. This makes it possible to periodically send reports to predefined addressees (for example the store managers). In addition, Analyzer from Strategy Companion is used for interactive analysis. The use of cube and reports in Excel is provided as standard.

And for management, dashboard reporting is available with the ability to drill down where needed.