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Business Intelligence is important for every organization irrespective of size.  It provides insight into your business results and  allows you to actively manage your company more efficiently.

Our vision is to work with you on a continuous basis to enable constant improvements and developments to optimize the results, giving you more accurate and usable insights in a timely manner.

Imagine the scenario where you define  an ambitious Business Insights project  to an external party to develop.  The data warehouse will be developed and deployed within a few months, but there are a few problems:

  • the internal user is not ready, there is no commitment
  • the user does not have enough time for the project, has defined wishes, but when he sees the end product there are additional, other wishes
  • the numbers don’t add up!

The data warehouse would show exactly what has been delivered. The operational systems provide insufficiently consistent data from the operational systems…”garbage in, garbage out”.

This finding is very valuable for further improvement of your operational processes, but it takes time to investigate and improve it.

However, the external developer was paid a one-off fee to create the system and has already left and you are left with a system that does not help you further.

The vision of Binamics is characterized by that long-term  partnership, our offer prevents the above mentioned misery.

Are you a franchise organization, retail organization or are you active in the travel sector, Binamics also brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

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