Roland Huizer

Founders Erik Streekstra and Roland Huizer founded Binamics in 2007 because we saw an opportunity to help businesses get the most out of Business Intelligence.

Most companies have a lot of data, but not in a usable format.  For example, there are many sales or purchase transactions, time registration, call center transactions, financial transactions. Binamics ensures that that data also becomes management information.

Erik Streekstra

Implementation always requires a pragmatic approach: We quickly realize the first result, so that clients can start to enjoy the benefits straight away. New functionalities are then added step by step, enabling the client to keep up with the pace of development.

Business Intelligence is more than just a reporting tool or an information gathering process. Business Intelligence is the certainty of a reliable, integral and up-to-date picture of the entire business process. This enables clients to make the right decisions for their company.

Binamics helps the organization and guarantees continuity in the service at a very attractive price. We have developed a concept for this purpose that ensures the desired management reporting in the long term. With our subscription we connect seamlessly with the continuous changes in your organization and the associated demand for management information.

With well-designed Business Intelligence you can directly influence your business processes. It gives you the necessary insight into your data from different angles and has thus become a precondition for continuity: which parts of your company are doing well, where should it be better?

No matter what level your current Business Intelligence is, we can help you optimize this and quickly and easily extract actionable insight.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.